Dawn of a new era: now hailing from Edinburgh


Sharp-eyed readers will notice my last (opening) post was back in November…  Over the past few months I’ve been moving from Milton Keynes up to Edinburgh and I’m not quite all there yet* but I’ve got to get my head back into learning analytics now because:

The very excellent Simon Buckingham Shum is convening a panel on educational data science at the LAK 2013 conference in Leuven and I’m thrilled to say he’s asked me to join.  Having read up on the other panel members I’ve got to be on the top of my game so I’ve set myself a challenge:

At least one blog post per day between now and the opening of LAK 2013.

It doesn’t sound like much, right?

* hello to all of my friends who are currently laughing

1 thought on “Dawn of a new era: now hailing from Edinburgh

  1. Clarification: “hailing from Edinburgh” is not the same as “hailing in Edinburgh”. The weather has been remarkably nae bad since she arrived.

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